The best of internet radio on your desktop


  • Option to buy individual tracks on iTunes
  • Nice, sleek interface
  • Log in with your 8tracks account


  • Can't change app size
  • No search box

Very good

Mixtape is a desktop music app that runs on the Pokki platform.

Web apps like Pandora and Last.fm are incredibly popular when it comes to discovering new music. Now Mixtape joins in as a sleep looking if simple desktop app.

Mixtape presents a ribbon of nice looking images that represent different playlists. Roll your mouse over each image to read the playlist's title and to see the name of the playlist creator. If you click on the playlist, the music will start immediately. You can pause or opt to skip it in favor of the next song on the playlist. In addition, you can star songs you like, as well as heart entire playlists you think are awesome. You can even purchase individual tracks you like on iTunes with a quick click within the app.

As an added bonus, you can connect your 8tracks account with Mixtape for even further personalization.

Some users might get annoyed that you can't change the size of the app, as it's relatively small. There's also no actual search box integrated into the app. You can search by genres easily enough, but not by specific songs. These are minor complaints though, given how nicely stream-lined the Mixtape app happens to be.

Mixtape is a great alternative to some of the other popular music streaming and discovery services online.

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